Expert Legal Counseling,
Representation & Mediation
My name is Mark Julius. My skills as an attorney come from extensive experience working in legal counseling, direct representation, mediation, countless jury trials, and government service.
My job is to resolve crisis, relieve frustration and help those in conflict get to a place where they can move on with their lives.
I provide calm, problem-solving legal counseling, applying common sense, intuition and analysis based on decades of experience. I am thorough, yet focused and clarifying.
I provide tenacious representation, with a high degree of commitment, organization and thoroughness. I prepare organized, clear and insightful pleadings and documents, arguing cases in court clearly and forcefully.
I provide a mediation atmosphere conducive to collaborative resolution. I offer scholarly, sophisticated evaluation of legal issues. My approach is calm, yet no-nonsense. I provide efficient, straightforward analysis and apply organization and focus to complex legal issues.
I began my legal career as a US Army JAG officer and spent two years as a Government Appellate Attorney in Washington, DC.
The Art of Mediation
Conflicts often involve intense emotions. These emotions might arise out of the substantive issues.
For example, one of the parties may have been seriously injured in an accident, with pain and suffering and an overall decline in their physical well-being, ability to work, and effects on their family.
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